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2 x Collagen & Hair

98,90 € 91,90 €

100% Pure Collagen - Promotes healthier skin, hair, joints and bones & Hair supplement helps in hair loss



Our Collagen is a natural, marine and unique health ingredient.

It is produced from 100% fish skins which are as rich in proline and hydroxyproline as bone skins.

Our collagen is colourless, odourless, tasteless, excellent dissolutoin.

Our collagen is produced from raw materials selected for:

  • high quality standards
  • amino-acids composition / sequence


Skin benefits - anti aging, hydration, anti-inflamantory skin care

Prevents aging

Healthy bones and joints

Hair supplement - helps in hair loss and the flow of hormonal imbalances such as menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding, use of contraception and problems with the thyroid gland. Also in excessive overload of stress. Strengthens hair follicles and is suitable for thinning at slower hair growth, protects hair against splitting and breakage...

Collagen - Add one (7g) serving to 300ml cold or warm water. Due to the high grade of the collagen it will easily dissolve when stirred. It does not require any additional flavouring or heating prior to drinking (you can add lemon juice to your collagen). Drink on an empty stomach at least 15 minutes before eating.

Hair supplement - shake before use.

Once a day 5 drops into 50 - 100 ml water, stir and drink. 
You can add hair drops into your collagen.

Austria (courier GLS) 10 €

Belgium (courier GLS) 13 €

Bulgaria (courier GLS) 13 €

Croatia (courier GLS) 10 €

Czech Republic (courier GLS) 7 €

Denmark (courier GLS) 15 €

France (courier GLS) 15 €

Germany (courier GLS) 13 €

Great Britain (courier GLS) 8 €

Hungary (courier GLS) 10 €

Ireland (courier GLS) 15 €

Italy (courier GLS) 15 €

Luxembourg (courier GLS) 13 €

Netherland (courier GLS) 13 €

Poland (courier GLS) 13 €

Romania (courier GLS) 10 €

Slovakia (courier GLS) 3.8 € (for orders above 40€ delivery price is 0 €)

Slovenia (courier GLS) 10 €

Switzerland (courier GLS) 13 € (for orders above 52€ delivery price is 20 €)

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