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Jun 12, 2015

Bulgarian Split Squats

One of the most effective exercise

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When most people talk about squatting they mean the bodyweight squat or a back squat with weight. I said how good these exercises are in another article. Today I want to talk about the Bulgarian Split Squat (or rear foot elevated split squat).

Easier to master than the squat

It is important that you squat properly, especially if you are squatting with weight. If you do not you can get injured. A weighted squat can be difficult to learn and so a lot of people avoid it. However the Bulgarian Split Squat is a lot easier to learn which means it is easier to include in your workout.

Increases Intensity

If you do normal squats with your bodyweight you will find that your body adapts very quickly and you stop seeing improvement. When you do the bulgarian split squat you are nearly doubling the weight you use (this is because you are lifting most of the weight with only one leg). This also works if you do squats with weights. By doing a bulgarian split squat you can increase your workout without having to increase the weight you use.

Decreases Stress on the back

A lot of people do not like weighted squats because they have back problems or back injuries. Bulgarian split squats are a lot of better for your back. This is because you use a lot less weight and so you have less pressure on your spine. Also instead of using a barbell you can hold dumb bells in your hands (this also decreases the pressure on your spine).

Improves core strength and balance

Because you have one leg raised up when you do the Bulgarian Split Squat it is more difficult to balance than normal. This means that you are having to use your core muscles (including your abs) to keep you stable while you do it.

Works on your weaknesses

Many people have one leg or one arm that is stronger than the other. This is because most people are right or left handed and so will use one leg or arm more than the other. When you do a normal squat (or any exercise that uses both legs) one leg will be working harder than the other because it is stronger (you may not notice this as your body does this automatically). This can lead to injury as your muscles will be unbalanced. By doing the Bulgarian Split Squat you are working each leg individually.


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