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upper parts
Mar 20, 2015

How to do Push Ups

Great exercise for upper body

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Push ups are a great way to build upper body strength but there are 2 reasons why women don’t seem to like them. The first reason is something I went through myself 

I always used to think that working my back and arms would give me bulky shoulders and I didn't want to look likes Rambo  so I either avoided upper body exercises or just took my arms along for the ride. I have said in other posts how it isnt possible for women to become as muscular as men (men will train for years with heavy weights and not be as muscular as they want). The truth is that strength training is a key part of any fitness routine and the push up is an amazing exercise that targets your core, arms and chest!

The second reason why women don’t seem to like push ups is that because of these years of neglect they are unable to do them  However just because you are unable to do them now doesnt mean you can’t do them in the future. We all have the potential to do them!

If you have never done push ups before here are some ways to start training for them.


The plank is a great exercise to strengthen your core (something you need for push ups). Start out trying to hold the plank position for 30 seconds and build up to a minute.

Incline Push Ups 

This is the same as a normal push up but your hands will be on a raised surface (table, chair, bed etc). The lower the surface the harder the exercise. As you get stronger use a lower surface until you are doing full push ups.

Negative Push Ups

Start in the push up position with your arms straight. Lower yourself as slowly as you can until your chest touches the floor. Once your chest is on the floor, lower your knees to the floor and return to the start position (this means you are only doing the downward movement of the push up).

If you start including these exercises in every workout (take 10 minutes at the beginning or end) then you can start building the strength to do a full push up 
If you tried any of these exercises let me know they worked for you or if you have any other great tips for doing push ups why not post them here 


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