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Mar 30, 2015

4 Biggest Fitness Myths

Fitness Myths

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We are told lots of things about diet and exercise. But not all of them are true. To help you, here are 4 of the most common fitness myths I have come across and what the truth actually is.

Carbs will make you fat

Carbs have become the new enemy. There are many diets that say you should have zero or very few carbs. However if you cut carbs from your diet you are taking away the main energy source from your body. You may find that you are low on energy, have poor concentration and are ill more often. You are also cutting out a great source of vitamins and minerals (fruit and vegetables are carbs too!). It is the quality of the carbs you eat that is important (eat whole, minimally processed carbs).

Lifting weights will make you bulky

Many women are worried to lift weights because they believe they will become manly and too muscular. However women do not have the hormones needed to become as bulky as men. Resistance workouts are fantastic for fat burning and giving you a more athletic, toned figure! If you still do not want to use heavy weights try bodyweight workouts instead (like in my videos!).

A specific exercise plan or diet is the only one that works

Have you ever been told that a certain diet or a certain workout plan is the only one that will give you the body and results you want? Unfortunately there is no diet or workout plan that works for every person. This is because we are all different, have different lifestyles, different bodies, different goals and have different likes and interests. What all successful diets have in common is that they do not exclude any major food group (protein, carbs, fats), they contain good sources of vitamins and minerals and they are sustainable. A successful workout plan is one that you find interesting and challenges you. So it doesn’t matter if you prefer circuit training, boxercise, HIIT, rowing, aerobics etc, find one you enjoy.

Taking a fat burning pill will make you lose weight

There is no quick fix or magic pill that will cause fat loss on its own. Yes, there are foods and supplements that boost your metabolism. However these only work if you are following a healthy diet and exercise as well. So you can add these as a supplement but do not use them as a replacement for exercise and healthy eating.

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