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Feb 23, 2017

5 of the Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises

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Many people want to do exercise but they aren't sure where to begin. Bodyweight exercises are a great way to start as they need very little equipment and you can do them anywhere (even at home). Ideally you want to do exercises that work multiple, larger muscles as much as possible. This makes your workout more efficient and also means you will use more calories whilst doing them. Here are 5 exercises that I think are great for beginners

Glute Bridge

There are 2 reasons I recommend the glute bridge. Firstly, our glutes are the largest muscles in the body and the glute bridge is a great way to activate them. Secondly, most people spend their day sitting down. Unfortunately this can cause lots of posture and health problems and the glute bridge is a great way to start fixing these problems and build core stability. This is particularly important in helping prevent lower back pain.


Bodyweight squats are one of the most effective exercises because they work all the muscles in your lower body as well as your core. Squatting will also help increase strength, mobility and flexibility. This will help prevent injuries and improve your posture. Like all exercises the key with squats is to do them with the correct technique.  

High Knees

Running on the spot is a great way to get your blood pumping and warm you up before exercise. Engage your core and pump your arms like a sprinter while doing it to make it a total body exercise. You can also make it part of your workout by increasing the speed and intensity. Try doing it at top speed for 30 seconds and see how out of breath you will be!

Push Up

Many people think the push up is only an upper body exercise but actually it is a full body exercise when done correctly. The key is to engage all your muscles as you do it (concentrate on tensing your core and glutes as you do them). You will also find it much easier to do them properly when you do. Start off doing push ups with your hands on a raised surface and keep on doing them until you can do full push ups with your hands on the floor.


The plank is another full body exercise when done correctly, however it is particularly important for strengthening the core. It is a great way of training your abs without putting strain on your lower back. The key is to concentrate on engaging all your muscles as you do it as this will help you maintain good technique. 

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