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Nov 13, 2015

5 Simple Healthy Food Swaps

Every little helps

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Many people think that having a healthy diet is difficult and takes too much time. However, there are simple, easy changes that we can all make today that you will barely notice and can help make your diet a lot healthier. Here are 5 simple healthy food swaps for you

Crisps for Kale or veggie Crisps

Instead of a packet of crisps that has been fried of lots of oil, make your own vegetable or kale crisps at home. They will be lower in calories, contain a lot less fat and veg contain loads of great vitamins and minerals that you need. Here are the recipes for veggie crisps or kale crisps.

Cappuccino or latte for Black Coffee

Lots of people love their coffee and I am one of them. Unfortunately they can be an easy way to drink lots of added sugar and calories (One cappuccino can have over 120 kcal and 10g of sugar!).  Really good coffee does not need added ingredients to hide the taste, so try swapping your cappuccino or frappuccino for black coffee. 

Dried Fruit for Fresh Fruit

Dried fruit may seem like a healthy snack. However a lot of the dried fruit you buy in a store has lots of added sugar. Also dried fruit does not fill you up and see it is easy to snack on and over eat. Instead try eating fresh fruit. It has a lot more vitamins and minerals and will fill you up for longer and stop you overeating

Cream for Greek Yoghurt

Cream can be a great ingredient to help add an amazing taste to foods and sauces. The problem is that it is very high in fat and calories. Try using greek yoghurt instead. It is higher in protein, and much lower in calories and fat, plus it still tastes great!

Mayonnaise for Avocado or greek yogurt

Mayonnaise is another food that is high in calories and fat. Also the store made mayonnaise usually has lots of chemicals and other additives. A great alternative is to use mashed up avocado instead! It has lots of nutrients and can be used as a spread or you can mix it with tuna for a sandwich filling. If you are not a huge fan of avocado or if you just don't think that avocado goes with your dish, use greed yogurt instead of mayonnaise.

I hope this has shown you that eating healthy does not need to be difficult. My motto is "Little changes make big differences". If you have any other great, healthy food swaps then share them here 

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