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Feb 12, 2015

5 Surprising Sources of Added Sugar


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We all know that added sugar is not good for us or our fitness goals We think we know which foods contain it. However, there are 5 surprising foods that are full of added sugar that most people don’t know about:

Tomato ketchup

1 Tbsp of ketchup can have as much as 4g of added sugar in it (equal to 1 tsp of sugar). Try replacing your ketchup with salsa instead (or even try making your own!)

Pasta sauce 

A 75g portion of tomato pasta sauce has nearly 5-7g of sugar added to it. Instead use a homemade one or if you don’t have the time use for a ‘no added sugar’ or low sugar brand.

Dried fruit

The problem is the added sugar that is put into some brands. For example a 35g serving of dried apricots can have over 8g of sugar. The best bet is to replace it with regular fruit.

Prepacked bread (mainly brown) 

Some pre packed brown or wholemeal bread has sugar added to change the taste. In some cases this can be half a teaspoon in one slice. Always make sure to check the ingredients on the packet to make sure it doesn't have any.

Breakfast cereals

We know some cereals contain lots of sugar. However even ‘healthy’ options can as well. Some of them can be over 7g of added sugar per serving  Just be careful when choosing your cereals and check the ingredients. You can always add fresh fruit to your breakfast cereal bowl 


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