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Sep 22, 2015

5 Tips to deal with cravings


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You have started a new, healthy diet and then after a week you get cravings for all the food you have just given up! It can be the hardest thing to ignore these cravings, especially if they never go away. So what can you do? here are 5 tips to help

Have variety in your diet

Just because you are eating healthily doesn't mean your food has to be boring. If you want to keep your meals interesting then make sure you keep variety in your diet. This will stop you getting bored and will reduce your cravings for junk food. Try new meals and use lots of different types of foods. Eating a wide variety of food also a great way of making sure you get all the nutrients your body needs.

Don't buy junk food

The biggest problem people have with cravings is if they know it is in the house. This makes it much harder to resist. The solution is to not buy it at all. This way when you do get a craving you can't be tempted

Have healthy snacks

Instead of junk food make sure you have healthy snacks in the house. This way if you do get a craving for something sweet then you can deal with it by eating something healthy. This is why I always keep my fruit bowl filled with my favourite fruit.

Eat less junk food and you will crave it less

Junk food is addictive (studies have shown that this is due to the high sugar and fat content). This means that when you first give it up then your cravings will be worst. But the good news is that over time the cravings will get less as your body gets used to not having junk food

Eat regular meals

The chances are that your cravings are worse when you are hungry. The easy way to deal with this is to make sure you eat regular, healthy, nutritious meals throughout the day to make sure your energy levels high and to keep you full and satisfied


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