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benefits of food
Mar 25, 2015

Benefits of Apples


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Have you ever been told ‘an apple  a day keeps the doctor away’? This is because apples are a fantastic fruit and have many health benefits. Here are 5 reasons why you should make sure you are including apples in your daily diet!

High in fibre 

One apple can give you 15-20% of your recommended intake for fibre. This is important because fibre is a nutrient that many people don’t get enough of in their diets. Fibre is vital for helping your digestive system working properly, helps keep you fuller longer and can help control blood sugar levels (which prevents sugar crashes).

help with weight loss

The high fibre in apples has also been linked with weight loss. This is because when you eat an apple you get energy released over a longer time, which means you are less likely to overeat or snack between meals. The other property of apples that helps weight loss is it’s low energy density. This means that it contains fewer calories per gram than other foods. So next time you feel hungry between meals eat an apple instead of biscuits or chocolate!

can protect against heart disease

A study in Finland found that women who ate 54g (1/3 of an apple) a day had 43% less chance of dying from heart disease. This is because apples are shown to help prevent the buildup of cholesterol and plaque in your arteries.

decrease the risk of Diabetes

Because apples can help control blood sugar levels and because of their high fibre levels it is believed that apples can help prevent diabetes. A study found that eating an apple a day was linked to a 28% lower chance of getting Type 2 diabetes.

protect against Cancer

Apples contain something called phytonutrients. These are nutrients found only in fruit and vegetables. The phytonutrients in apples are believed to decrease the risk of lung and colon cancer.

As well as being a great, tasty snack apples have some amazing benefits as well. I always make sure I carry 1 or 2 with me in case I get hungry. So if you haven't included apples in your diet, make sure you do so asap and as always, if you know of any great apple benefits, share them with us 


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