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benefits of food
Feb 18, 2015



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I am sure that everyone knows that broccoli is a great vegetable, but did you know that broccoli is high in fibre and vitamin C and also contains potassium, calcium, vitamin B6, K, A, omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants?! 

✅ broccoli may offer protection against stomach and intestinal cancers due to the presence of antioxidants (cabbage and cauliflower contain these as well)
✅ broccoli has been shown to lower cholesterol levels due to it's high fibre levels
✅ broccoli can help reduce heart disease and strengthen your blood vessels as it contains sulforaphane
✅ vitamin K and calcium are both important for bone health
✅ broccoli's high fibre levels make it a low GI (glycemic index) food. This means it is a great vegetable for a weight loss diet
✅ broccoli contains many natural anti-inflammatories (such as omega 3 fatty acids) and may slow down arthritis

It is very important to cook broccoli the right way! Overcooking will cause it to lose many of it's nutrients (this happens with many vegetables if overcooked). Boiling broccoli for too long is one of the worst ways to prepare it if you want to keep all the nutrients. The best ways to prepare it are steaming for up to 20 minutes, microwaving for up to three minutes and stir-frying for up to five minutes 


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