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Feb 26, 2015

Healthy Sandwich

I love my grandmother's garden Looks and smells amazing

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I love my grandmother's garden  Looks and smells amazing. You can do so much from so "little". Looking at all the vegetables, I was trying to see, what I could create so I made bean spread  added other ingredients and made an amazing sandwich with loads of different flavours. On one slice of toasted multigrain bread i put:

- bean spread (recipe below)

- rucola

- sliced red pepper (stir fried with 0,5 tsp of olive oil with salt, pepper, oregano and coriander) 

- sliced avocado (unfortunately thats not from my grandmothers garden )

On the other toasted slice i put homemade chilli paste (my grandmother's recipe) and quark.

On the side I stir fried cherry tomatoes with 0,5 olive oil, oregano, chopped basil and salt and pepper.

Bean spread:

- boil beans of your choice until soft in water with seasoning (bay leaves, salt and pepper)

- blend 2/3 of the boiled beans and then mix with the remaining beans

- mix with quark to your taste

- chopped onion 

- chopped baby spinach

- salt, pepper to your taste

Mix everything together. Very simple, full of fibre, protein and good carbs 

I can't wait for the summer and all the goodness from my grandmother's garden 


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