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Jan 24, 2015

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup

Another question I get asked a lot is whether I eat soup

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Another question I get asked a lot is whether I eat soup. The answer is yes, I love soup, it can be a fantastic meal full of lots of goodness.

Here is one of my favourite recipes for a Thai Chicken Coconut Soup


340 grams chicken breast (bones & skin removed)

250 ml coconut milk

375 ml chicken stock 

5 slices fresh ginger (peeled)

1 cup (250 ml cup) mushrooms (quartered)

1 tsp chilli paste

1 cup of chickpea

1 red pepper, sliced into thin pieces 

4 spring onions (sliced)

1 tbsp fresh lemon or lime juice

1. Cut the chickens into small squares, place in a saucepan and totally cover with water. Poach the chicken until fully cooked

2. Place coconut milk, chicken stock, ginger, mushrooms, chickpea, red pepper and spring onions into a separate saucepan and heat until simmering

3. Add chilli paste to soup and allow to simmer for 10 mins

4. Drain the chicken once cooked and add to the soup

5. Finally add lemon/lime juice, salt & pepper to taste!

This will give you 2 (meal sized) portions containing about 280 Kcal per portion


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