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Aug 17, 2016

Why you should use a foam roller

Jana Earl Foam Roller

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Foam rollers are a fantastic piece of equipment that you can take with you anywhere and are simple to use. Then have loads of benefits and should definitely be part of your workout routine. Read on to find out why you should be using a foam roller.

Reduces soreness the day after a workout

We all know that feeling the day after a workout when every movement is painful and we walk like ducks. The good news is that foam rolling straight after our workout can help reduce this pain. This is great because it means we won't be walking like ducks so much and we won't have to miss our next workout!

Improve mobility and flexibility

It is important to have good flexibility and mobility and this helps prevent injuries and improves your performance. Foam rolling is a great way to loosen muscles and keep them flexible

Improves blood flow and circulation to muscles

After a work out good circulation is needed to help our muscles recover and rebuild. Foam rolling is a great way to help improve blood flow to our muscles and speed up the recovery process.

It is a massage for your muscles

Knots can form in our muscles. These can be caused by stress, exercise, sitting all day, injuries etc. These knots can cause pain, reduce our performance and increase the chance of injury. When we get a massage it is these knots that are being removed. Foam rolling is a great way to give yourself a massage and help remove these knots at home.

It can help reduce cellulite

Because foam rolling improves blood flow to your skin and muscles and massages any knots and tension out of them it may reduce cellulite as well!

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