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BIO Green barley

50,00 €

Green Ways is a perfect superfood. It was created by nature and all we do is process it gently. It is an extract of biologically active substances, which we bring in a practical and user-friendly form. We dry the raw material in the highest quality spray dryer at a maximum temperature of 31°C. Thanks to this, Green Ways Barley is still "alive", fresh and nutritionally valuable. We grow, collect and process GW barley in accordance with the principles of organic farming. It comes to you with BIO certification, which confirms the gentle processing.


Green Ways is an enzymatic elixir full of life. Imagine a young barley grass plant as a key, breaking through the hard bark of the soil and growing upwards towards the sun. This purposeful, youthful organism reaps during its heyday. It is processed the moment it absorbs an immense amount of nutrients and energy from the earth, water, air and the sun. These basic elements are naturally transformed into more complex substances, which are then used by the food chain, and also by us.

In the book Starvation over a Full Pot, Hans Günter Berner describes a situation in which a person who satisfies them dies of nutritional malnutrition because he is fed up with "hungry" crops that have emerged from depleted soil. As you can see - an excess of poor quality food does not bring our body benefits, but harm. Therefore, in the case of Green Ways, we follow two principles. We select nutritionally rich localities for cultivation and gentle technologies for product processing, which ensure the preservation of all nutrients.

The recommended daily dose of Green Ways barley for an adult is one tablespoon. During exercise, the amount of barley can be increased. There is essentially no risk of an overdose of the drink (similar to the consumption of vegetable juices). Store the product in a cool, dark place and use cold or lukewarm still water during preparation. Drink the drink if possible, ideally on an empty stomach. Adjust the density according to taste and need. Green Ways is a purely natural product, so its taste or smell may not always be the same. They depend on the conditions in which they are grown (season, temperature, humidity, sunshine, soil composition, etc.).

5g - 1 to 2 times a day.

Nutritional information per 100 g:

Energy value 1340 kJ / 319 kcal

Fat 3.9 g

of this:

- saturated fatty acids 1.1 g

- monounsaturated fatty acids 0,2 g

- polyunsaturated fatty acids 2.6 g

Carbohydrates 39 g

of this:

- sugars 23 g
Protein 28 g

Fiber 6.9 g

Salt 2.9 g

Interesting facts about green barley

Young barley has strong antioxidant effects that reduce the risk of cancer and chronic diseases. It contains the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), which researchers are studying to prevent and treat cancer.

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it slows down the aging of the body. It strengthens and regenerates the liver, which manifests itself in the remission of eczema and improved vision

Eliminates skin problems by affecting internal organs, improves metabolism and eliminates intestinal and stomach problems.

Improves the psyche and suppresses depression. It removes the acidification of the body's internal environment and especially the blood from which health is derived. When the pH of the blood begins to drop towards acidity, we feel tired and various diseases begin to manifest.

It improves blood counts, for example in people with increased sedimentation, leukocytosis, rheumatic and allergic disease or Lyme disease.

Significantly strengthens the immune system. It works against the storage of cholesterol in the vascular walls, and thus also against the development of atherosclerosis and subsequent complications.

Chlorophyll is involved in wound healing, prevents inflammation in the body, improves blood counts and blood oxygenation. Chlorophyll has the ability to store sunlight and energy, which it then transfers to the body.

It contains a form of vitamin E, which is ten times more effective than regular vitamins. It works well against diabetes. By regulating the alkalinity of the blood, it regulates the passage of sugars through the blood vessel walls, which gradually normalizes the blood sugar level.

It has a positive effect on iron deficiency anemia. It is effective against constipation


Austria (courier GLS) 10 €

Belgium (courier GLS) 13 €

Bulgaria (courier GLS) 13 €

Croatia (courier GLS) 10 €

Czech Republic (courier GLS) 7 €

Denmark (courier GLS) 15 €

France (courier GLS) 15 €

Germany (courier GLS) 13 €

Great Britain (courier GLS) 8 €

Hungary (courier GLS) 10 €

Ireland (courier GLS) 15 €

Italy (courier GLS) 15 €

Luxembourg (courier GLS) 13 €

Netherland (courier GLS) 13 €

Poland (courier GLS) 13 €

Romania (courier GLS) 10 €

Slovakia (courier GLS) 3.8 € (for orders above 100€ delivery price is 0 €)

Slovenia (courier GLS) 10 €

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