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Green Coffee 250g

9,90 €

Unroasted and ground green coffee, preserving the valuable nutrients of the coffee beansfor maximum health benefits


What is Jana Earl Green Coffee?

Our green coffee goes through a long and meticulous process to ensure it is of the highest quality. The fruit is hand picked from the coffee plants and then sorted so that only the highest quality fruit is chosen. The fruit is then sun dried for 2 weeks and is finally washed to leave behind the pure coffee bean. Coffee beans are naturally green, but they are usually roasted before they are used to make coffee. It is the roasting process that makes them brown.

Why green coffee?

Coffee beans are full of antioxidants and other compounds that have amazing health benefits. Unfortunately when the coffee is roasted some of these compounds (but not all of them) are lost from the coffee. The main compound that is lost is Chlorogenic acid.

What are the benefits of green coffee?

Green coffee is linked mainly with weight loss. Studies have shown this is because green coffee contains chlorogenic acid as well as caffeine. It is believed that chlorogenic acid reduces the amount of carbohydrates that your body absorbs from your food and may reduce blood sugar as well. Other studies have shown that chlorogenic acid may reduce body weight and reduce fat stored in the body

Can anyone drink green coffee?

Green coffee contains as much caffeine as normal coffee. For this reason it is not reccomended for pregnant or breast feeding women. It is also not reccomended if there is any medical reason why you should not drink coffee or caffeine. If in doubt, you should speak with your doctor first.

How to Prepare Green Coffee?

Put 10g or 2-3 teaspoons of ground coffee into a cup, pour hot water and brew 5-10 min. Then filter it and its ready to drink.

100% Arabica

Single Origin Brazil

hand ground for freshness

Hand Picked for higher quality

Austria (courier GLS) 10 €

Belgium (courier GLS) 13 €

Bulgaria (courier GLS) 13 €

Croatia (courier GLS) 10 €

Czech Republic (courier GLS) 7 €

Denmark (courier GLS) 15 €

France (courier GLS) 15 €

Germany (courier GLS) 13 €

Great Britain (courier GLS) 8 €

Hungary (courier GLS) 10 €

Ireland (courier GLS) 15 €

Italy (courier GLS) 15 €

Luxembourg (courier GLS) 13 €

Netherland (courier GLS) 13 €

Poland (courier GLS) 13 €

Romania (courier GLS) 10 €

Slovakia (courier GLS) 3.8 € (for orders above 100€ delivery price is 0 €)

Slovenia (courier GLS) 10 €

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